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Marton Bukovi, nicknamed "Marci bacsi" - "Uncle Marton", (December 10, 1903 - February 11, 1985) was a Hungarian football (soccer) manager who was instrumental in the development of the 4-2-4 football formation. While at the club Vörös Lobogó he modified the WM formation to a WW, which was later used by fellow countryman Gusztáv Sebes in the successful Hungarian national team of the early 1950s. This was later refined to produce the 4-2-4 formation and adopted by successful teams, including the Brazilian national team that won the 1958 FIFA World Cup.
During his club-career Bukovi coached Građanski Zagreb (1935-45), Dinamo Zagreb (1945-47), MTK (Vörös Lobogó) (1947-54), Újpest Dózsa (1955-56), MTK (1957-59), Diósgyőr (1962-64) and Olympiakos (1965-67).

At Olympiakos, Bukovi, assisted by Mihaly Lantos, won the first two Alpha Ethniki titles in the club's history. He was enormously popular but had to leave after a string of four successive league defeats in 1967.

He died in 1985.

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