December 10

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  • 969: Nicephorus Phocas, Emperor of Byzantium, is assassinated.
  • 1041: Michael V ascends to the throne of Byzantium on the death of his father.
  • 1832: the island of Samos was granted autonomous status within the Ottoman Empire, guaranteed by Britain, France and Russia. A Turkish military force remained garrisoned on the island. The island governor, a Greek christian, was to be appointed by the High Porte.
  • 1862: The Second National Assembly of Greece meets after the ouster of King Otto.
  • 1963: The Nobel for Literature is awarded for the first time to a Greek; to George Seferis. In his award speech the poet is quoted as saying: "I belong to a small country. Our place is small but it has a huge tradition... The Greek language has never stopped being spoken..."
  • 1979: The Nobel for Literature is awarded to Odysseus Elytis.
  • 1981: Evangelos Averoff is elected Chairman of the New Democracy party.