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Michael Constantine (born May 22, 1927 in Reading, Pennsylvania) is a Greek-American actor.

Born Constantine Joanides, the son of Theoharis Joanides and Andromache Foteadou Efstration, immigrants from Greece, for many years he was best known for his portrayal of principal Seymour Kaufman in the series Room 222 (1969-1974). He also played Santa in the 1989 film Prancer.

In 2002, he enjoyed an unexpected comeback as the Windex-toting Gus Portokalos in the surprise hit movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, a role he reprised in the short-lived television series My Big Fat Greek Life.

He married actress Julianna McCarthy (b. August 17, 1929 in Erie, Pennsylvania) on October 5, 1953, and they had 2 children: Thea Eileen and Brendan Neil. The marriage ended in divorce in 1969.

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