Michalis Georgalas

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Michalis Georgalas was a Cypriot fighter during the EOKA struggle of 1955 - 1959.

Georgalas was born on November 6, 1936, in Marathovounos, Ammochostos province, one of eight children of Thomas and Eleni Georgalas. He was educated in Nicosia and joined EOKA in the early days of the struggle against the British for national self-determination and union with Greece. On account of his activity within EOKA, he was arrested by the British and sentenced to a prison term of eight months.

On September 13, 1956, Georgalas escaped from Kokkinotrimithia Prison, along with six others, and joined the forces of Grigoris Afxentiou. Afxentiou gave young Georgalas two tasks: counterintelligence and creating bombs. He excelled at both.

Georgalas fell on December 31, 1956 in a battle near Zoopigi between Afxentiou's group against British agents aided by Turkish-Cypriots. His last words were "Long live Greece!"