Mitsos Lygizos

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Mitsos Lygizos was a Greek actor, producer and poet.

Lygizos was born in 1912 in Athens. He studied at the Drama School of the National Theatre with graduate studies in Paris, London and New York.

He died on September 18, 1993.

His films include:

  • 1960: "Never on a Sunday" as Captain Armathis
  • 1962: "The voyage"
  • 1962: "The shoeshine boy" as Giorgos Karelis
  • 1963: "Brother Anna" as the abbot
  • 1967: "The little merchant" as Marinos Konstantinidis
  • 1968: "The woman who didn't give in" as Petros Vellidis
  • 1968: "A knight in tsarouchia" as Epaminondas Koulouvahatos
  • 1969: "The Odyssey of an uprooted man"
  • 1970: "The avenue of betrayal" as the presiding officer of the investigation committee.