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Natasa Theodoridou (Greek Νατάσα Θεοδωρίδου), born October 24 in Thessaloniki, is a popular Greek singer. She is the only female Greek artist to have her first 3 albums achieving platinum status. She has reached the point in her career where she is considered as one of the most authentic voice of her generation. Together with her style and class, she has established herself as a Diva in the Greek music world.


Natassa began her singing career in Thessaloniki, where she was born and raised. In 1996 she relocated to Athens where she appeared at the music hall "Handres" next to other big Greek singers such as Antonis Remos, Lambis Livieratos and Triantafilos. This opportunity led to more massive recognition for her, and multiple professional singing offers. Her high quality performance on stage along with her magnificent voice and style led to her selftitled album was released in August 1997 and became gold and platinum in no time, establishing Theodoridou as one of the biggest names in the Greek music scene. Her second album "Defteri Agapi" (Second Love) was released in 1998, which became a gold and platinum record.

Natassa has worked with numerous well known composers and songwriters who had helped her set new standards in local music repertoire. Evi Droutsa, Natalia Germanou and Triantafilos are only a few of the songwriters that have worked with Natassa.

More recently her Greek adaptation of Latin artist Shakira's hit single Ojos Asi, which in Greek has been adapted to "Katazeititai" (Wanted), was a big hit in the Greek pop music scene. Natasa has recently released her new cd 'Echo mia agalia' and is becoming very popular in the Greek charts



  • 1997 Natasa Theodoridou - Platinum
  • 1998 Defteri Agapi - Platinum
  • 2000 Tha Miliso Me T'Asteria - Platinum
  • 2001 Ip'Efthini Mou - Platinum
  • 2002 Tosi Agapi Pos Na Hathei - Platinum
  • 2003 Mia Diadromi Live CD (Thessaloniki-Athens) - Platinum
  • 2004 Erota, Den Ksereis N'Agapas
  • 2005 Os Ekei Pou I Kardia Bori N'Andexi - Gold
  • 2006 Echo Mia Agalia


  • 2002 Ola Na Ta Ziso Ap'Tin Arhi - CD Single - Platinum


  • She was married twice
  • She has two daughters, Christianna and Andrianna, one from each marriage.
  • Her second ex-husband is a well known surgeon in Greece
  • Songwriter Grigoris Bithikotsis and female artist Kaiti Garbi named Natasa as "the most powerful popular voice" in Greece today.
  • her favorite team is PAOK

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