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Nea Kios (Greek: Νέα Κίος), is a town and the seat of the municipality of Nea Kios in the southwestern part of the prefecture of Argolis prefecture. It is located in the Province of Argos. Nea Kios is situated 6 km S of Argos, about 4 km W of Nafplio and about 120 km WSW of Athens. It is a municipality that does not have any communes.

The town was founded after 1922 by refugees from the city of Kios, Asia Minor and a smaller number of refugees from the Smyrna - Ayvali area.

Nea Kios was in the news in 2000, on account of an armed attack against a local Roma (gypsy) settlement.

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Historical population

Year Communal population Change Municipal population
1981 2,272 - -
1991 2,456 -146/-20.92% 2,456
2001 3,646 +1,190 3,646

Nea Kios is fairly rectangular in shape with a modern road structure. The town has a school, two churches, a post office, beaches and a square - the Kentriki Plateia (Central Square) - dominated by the bust of Apostolos Pezas, the local benefactor. The area in the south is surrounded by the Argolic Gulf. Nea Kios is the northernmost town in the gulf.

Much of the area in the northeast is used for farming (tomatoes and okra) while forests surround the town and the coastline, the rocky landscape of the mountains lie to the west.

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