Nea Moudania

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Prefecture: Chalkidiki

40.238/40┬░14'20" N lat.
23.273/23┬░17'26" E long
Population: (2001)
 - Total
 - Density┬╣
 - Rank



Thermian Gulf
20 m (centre)
eastern part
Postal code: 632 00
Area/distance code: 11-30-23730 (0030-23730)-2
Municipal code: 5206
Car designation: XA
3-letter abbreviation: MOU Moudania
Mayor: -->

Nea Moudania with a population of 17,032 ( according to national statistics agency ) inhabitants, is Chalkidiki's biggest town. Previously it was the second largest town in Chalkidiki but the municipality remains the largest in Chalkidiki. The city is located 60 km south of Thessaloniki and it is considered to be the financial and commercial centre of the whole prefecture. It was built after 1922 from Asia Minor Greek refugees which named their settlement after their home town in Asia Minor, Moudania (Turkish Mudanya) the word Nea in Greek means new. It is also called Moudania but Moudania is the municipality's name and is the seat of this municipality. The municipality consists of the municipal departments shown below:

  • Aghios Mamas
  • Aghios Panteleimon
  • Dionisiou
  • Zografou
  • Potidaia
  • Nea Moudania
  • Portaria
  • Simandra
  • Floghita

Nea Moudania develops major cultural and economical activities, since it hosts the only Technical Education Institute in Chalkidiki prefecture and a harbour which serves as Thessaloniki's adjuvant.


Nea Moudania has schools, lyceums, gymnasia, banks, a post office and a few squares (plateies).

Historical population

Year Population Change Change (%) Municipal population
1981 4,142 - - -
1991 4,403 261 +6.30% 13,652
2001 6,475 2,072 +47% about 17,032

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