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Coupon sample

PROPO SUPER 13 is a betting game available only through OPAP S.A. betting agencies. The game objective is to predict correctly in each one of the 13+1 games of the coupon – of national or international leagues – the result of each game, by marking points (1,X,2) 1 for victory of Team 1, X for a draw and 2 for victory of Team 2.


On Sunday, the 1st March 1959, the first PROPO competition was held which was meant to become a popular game of prediction and chance for Greeks, that gave players hope and offered its lucky winners a lot of money and a new way of living.

During the first PROPO competition, 727,340 columns were filled in. Its first coupon included 12 games. In the same year, in its 8th competition, there was a record in columns with 4,010,502 columns, which was maintained for many years.

Until March 1965, there were only two categories of winners who shared 45% of revenues of each competition. In 1959, agents kept 5% of revenues.

Until 1975, each column cost 2.5 Greek Drachmae, when its first readjustment was effected to 4 GDr. Today it costs 0.10 €.

For 32 years, from 1959 to 1990, PROPO was the only game that was organized by OPAP. For 32 years this was the only source of income for Greek sports.This was an exclusively popular game.

Until 1995, PROPO was handwritten and all its stages passed through human hands and not through modern computers as happens today, However, it wouldn’t have been possible that technology could not affect PROPO, such a big popular game.

Computerized PROPO coupon introduced in the market on the 15th April 1995, differs significantly from the old one both in form and way of filling in; basically it differs in its process which used to require a lot of time (as it was exclusively based on human factor) and it was natural that there were certain mistakes, omissions (objections etc).

Modern information systems used today by OPAP S.A. cover all range of activities from coupon submission up to result announcement, ensuring full safety of the game, fast announcement of results and elimination of mistakes.

Finally, on the 31st August 1997, PROPO was radically reformed and became PROPO SUPER 13 by adding one more game (S13) for the establishment of one more category of winners – SUPER 13 – to include those who have predicted correctly all 13 games plus one additional game. Furthermore, JACK-POT has been established for PROPO for SUPER 13 category and for those categories of winners that have shares lower than 0.88€.

Distribution of Revenues

Upon deduction of agents’ commission, distribution of revenues is effected as follows:

  • 45% of revenues go to winners (40% 1st category, 33% 2nd category and 27% 3rd category)
  • 1.5% go to the Hellenic Football Federation
  • 2.0% go to ESAPE (ΕΣΑΠΕ)
  • 8.5% go to Football Clubs of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Leagues

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