RHS Vasilissa Olga

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RHS Vasilissa Olga (D 15) (Queen Olga)

RHS Vasilissa Olga (D 15) (Queen Olga)'

Career Hellenic Navy Jack
Laid down:
Launched: 2 Jun, 1938
Fate: lost 26 Sep, 1943
Current position:
General characteristics
Displacement: 1.414 tons tons (surfaced)
tons (submerged)
Length: 97,5 / 9,7 / 2,7 meters
Speed: knots ( km/h) surface
knots ( km/h) submerged
Complement: 145
Armament: four 5 inch guns, four 37mm A/A guns, two quadruple 21 inch T/T.In 1941 the four 5 inch guns as well as the stern T/T were removed and a 3 inch A/A gun, six 20mm guns and a A/S device were added.
Powerplant: 34.000 hp, twin propeller

RHS Vasilissa Olga (D 15), an allied warship in World War II of the Royal Hellenic Navy, was a destroyer of the Vasilefs Georgios class. She was built by Yarrow Shipbuilders Ltd. (Scotstoun, Scotland)

Vasilissa Olga escaped to Alexandria in May 1941. She was assigned pennant number H 86 by the British.

Vasilissa Olga (Lt.Cdr. G. Blessas, DSO, RHN) was lost to German aircraft while anchored in Lakki Bay, Leros on 26 September 1943.

Notable Events

Noteable events involving Vasilissa Olga include:

  • December 15, 1942: The Italian submarine Uarsciek (620 tons) was sunk south off Malta by the British destroyer HMS Petard and the Greek destroyer Vasilissa Olga.
  • January 19, 1943: The British destroyers HMS Pakenham , HMS Nubian and the Greek destroyer Vasilissa Olga intercept and sink the German transport ship Stromboli (475 tons) off the Libyan coast.
  • June 2, 1943: The British destroyer HMS Jervis and the Greek destroyer Vasilissa Olga sink the Italian torpedo boat Castore (652 tons) off Cape Spartivento.