Rena Dallia

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Rena Dallia was a Greek rebetika singer.

Dallia was born Eleftheria Papakosta in Patra, in 1934 or 1935, to a family originally from Epirus.

She came to Athens in the early 1950s to study but was soon discovered as a singer in a radio talent program. Dallia first sang professionally in a small club in Athens. She was discovered there by a member of Yiannis Papaioannou's group and soon made the acquaintance of the great bouzouki master and composer. In 1952 she followed Papaioannou to Istanbul where they had a successful - and profitable - 2-month stint.

Dallia recorded Papaioannou's great hit songs «Είμαστε φίλοι» and «Χαλάλι σου χαλάλι». She also recorded songs by Vasilis Tsitsanis, Manolis Chiotis, Giorgos Mitsakis and others. In 1954 she went on an extended tour of the United States. In 1958, she toured Australia, western Europe and the Middle East. The following year, she returned to the US and married a Greek-American. Eventually, the couple settled in Piraeus.

Dallia died οn August 25, 2000.