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Spyridon Xyndas (Σπυρίδων Ξύνδας) (1812 - November 12, 1896) was a Greek composer and guitarist; his last name has also been transliterated as "Xinta", "Xinda", "Xindas", and "Xyntas". His opera O ypopsifios vouleftis (The Parliamentary Candidate) is said to have been the first opera written on a Greek libretto. Little is known about him other than that he was a native of Corfu, and that he died in Athens, blind and forgotten. Much of his music is believed to have been lost in the bombing of Corfu during World War II.


  • Anna Cuinter (1855)
  • Il Conte Giuliano (1857)
  • O ypopsifios vouleftis (1867)
  • O neogambros (1877)
  • I due pretendenti (1878)
  • Oi tris somatofylakes (date unknown)
  • Galatea (1895, incomplete)


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