Stelios Mavrommatis

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Stelios Mavrommatis was a Cypriot EOKA fighter during the 1955 - 1959 struggle against the British.

Mavrommatis was born on November 15, 1932 in the village of Larnakas, Kerynia province, the son of Christoforos and Eleni Mavrommati.

When the struggle broke out on April 1, 1955, Mavrommatis joined and took part in several acts of sabotage against British military planes. He was also instrumental in the gathering of shotguns and other weapons held by private citizens. Among his companions was his cousin, Evagoras Pallikaridis, his brother and his parents.

Mavrommatis was arrested for his part in an unsuccessful attack against two British airmen in Agios Dometios. He was tried and sentenced to die.

He was executed by hanging on September 21, 1956 along with EOKA members, Andreas Panagidis and Michalis Koutsoftas arrested in a separate incident.

The three men were buried in the Imprisoned Tombs in the Central Jail of Nicosia.