November 15

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  • 1028: Romanus III becomes Byzantine emperor
  • 1808: Mahmud II ascends to the Ottoman throne. During his reign, the Greek War of Independence will break out.
  • 1959: A strong earthquake (6.8 on the Richter scale) strikes Zakynthos and the surrounding area.
  • 1967: A Cypriot patrol, under General Georgios Grivas, is shot at while removing roadblocks around Kofinou. A battle ensues that nearly becomes the cause of war between Greece and Turkey.
  • 1983: US Navy Captain, George Tsantes, who is the head of JUSMAGG, is killed with his driver Nikos Veloutsos, an employee of the US Embassy, on Kifissia Avenue in Psychiko. The Revolutionary Organisation 17 November assume responsibility.
  • 1983: The "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" is proclaimed in the occupied territories of the island. Only Turkey will recognise this state.
  • 1995: Inmates of Korydallos prison end their uprising and release six hostages after their demands are approved by the Ministry of Justice.
  • 2016: Outgoing US president, Barack Obama, visits Greece and meets with PM Alexis Tsipras.
  • 2017: Heavy floods hit Mandra, Nea Peramos and Megara, resulting in much damage and causing 14 deaths.


  • 2007: Unknown assailants shoot and injure veteran footballer Giorgos Sideris.
  • 2011: Greece lose 3-1 to Romania, in a friendly, ending their 17-game undefeated streak.