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Kofinou is a community in Larnaca province, Cyprus. It is located almost in the middle of the province near the communities of Alaminos, Agios Theodoros, Skarinou, Choirokitia and Menogia.

The population of Kofinou, according to the 2001 census is 1,311 inhabitants.

In November 1967, war nearly broke out between Greece and Turkey over Kofinou. The village, at that time was entirely Turkish Cypriot while the neighbouring village of Agios Theodoros was mixed. A roadblock was set up by Turkish Cypriot irregulars blocking access to the local road. The Cypriot government made known its intention to start patrolling the road as it had done in the past. On November 14, 1967 a rather large patrol, under General Georgios Grivas himself, passed through Agios Theodoros without a problem however, the next day (November 15) the patrol was shot at when it arrived at Kofinou. The Cypriot government patrol returned the fire and, as it had a vast superiority in weaponry, overran the village. This action led to the Cyprus crisis of 1967 which was only resolved after General Grivas was recalled to Greece and the Greek division that had been sent in 1964 by PM Georgios Papandreou was pulled out. The Turkish government, for its part, dissolved the invasion force it had been preparing, however, such an invasion did take place, seven years later, on July 20, 1974.