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Alexandros Kotzias was a Greek writer of the 20th century.

Kotzias was born in Athens on January 27, 1925, to a family that hailed from Dimitsana, Arcadia. He studied Law at the University of Athens but chose to work as a literary critic in various newspapers.

During the German occupation of Greece (1941-1944), Kotzias joined the resistance. In 1953, he published his first story "Πολιορκία" ("Siege"). Several other stories and novels followed. Later, he was persecuted by the Junta (1967-1974) for his democratic beliefs expressed in his writings.

Kotzias wrote much about corruption in high places. He also wrote historical documentaries and translated well-known writers such as Dostoyevski, Kessler, Kafka, etc.

He died on September 21, 1992 in a traffic accident.

His literary works

  • Πολιορκία - Siege (1953)
  • Μια σκοτεινή υπόθεση - A shady affair (1954)
  • Ο Εωσφόρος - Lucifer (1959)
  • Η απόπειρα - The attempt (1964)
  • Ο γενναίος Τηλέμαχος - Brave Telemachus (1972)
  • Αντιποίησις αρχής - Usurping Authority (1985)
  • Φανταστική περιπέτεια - An imaginary adventure (1985)
  • Ιαγουάρος- Jaguar (1987)
  • Η μηχανή - The machine (1989)
  • Ο πυγμάχος - The Boxer (1991)
  • Το σοκάκι - The narrow road (1993)