January 27

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The Rio-Antirrio Bridge closed temporarily in 2005


  • 1915: A powerful earthquake (6.6 on the Richter scale) strikes Ithaca and the surrounding area.
  • 1915: Gen Ioannis Metaxas issues a report to PM Eleftherios Venizelos warning of the difficulties of Greek military involvement in Asia Minor.
  • 1944: Athanassios Sembos makes the first attempt to set up a journalists' union after the war ends. The second attempt takes place on May 17, 1947. The union will assume legal existence after 1952.
  • 1990: An Athens Appellate Court acquits Police Officer Athanasios Melistas in the 1985 shooting of 15-year old student Kaltezas.
  • 2005: During a thunderstorm, a lighting bolt hit a support cable of the Rio-Antirrio Bridge. The fire was placed under control immediately, but questions arose over the security of the bridge.