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Areopolis or Areopoli (Greek: Αρεόπολη) is the second largest town in Mani. The word areopolis means "city of Ares", the ancient Greek god of war. It is the seat of Oitylo municipality as well as Oitylo Province.

The original name of Areopolis was Tsimova. It received its present name in 1836, by order of King Otto, in recognition of its people's contribution to the war effort. The Greek War of Independence, though blessed on March 25, 1821 at Agia Lavra, was actually started at Areopolis on the March 17, 1821 by the bey of Mani Petrobey Mavromichalis. Now Areopolis has grown into a flourishing town whilst maintaining the towers and homes of the Mavromichalis family.

Geography and Information

  • Location:
    • Longitude: 22.4875 (22°23'32") E
    • Latitude: 36.671 (36°40'06") N
  • Postal code: 230 62
    • Centre: about 251 m
  • Dialing code: 030-27330

Historical population

Year Population Change
1981 738 -
1991 759 21/2.84%


Areopoli has a primary school, a middle school, a secondary school, churches, a beach, a port and a square (plateia) which is named March 17, 1821 Square and is adorned with the statue of Petrobey Mavromichalis.

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