Christos Samaras

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Christos Samaras was a Cypriot fighter during the EOKA campaign against the British (1955 - 1959).

Samaras was born in Liopetri, Ammochostos province, on February 12, 1925, one of eight children of Paraskevas and Christofora Samaras. He met Grigoris Afxentiou in January of 1955 and joined EOKA, enlisting men from Liopetri and the surrounding area for the struggle ahead. On April 1, 1955, when the struggle for Enosis broke out, Samaras took part in the attack on Dekelia led by Afxentiou. The British promptly put a £5,000 price on his head.

Samaras continued the armed effort in Liopetri, Ormidia, Avgorou and other towns and villages in the surrounding area.

Finally, he and three companions - Fotis Pittas, Andreas Karios and Elias Papakyriakou - were caught up in Liopetri in the middle of a British search operation. The four men tried to break through the British lines but failed and took refuge in the barn of local man Panagiotis Kallis. The Battle of Liopetri ensued, on September 2, 1958 and the four men fell as they charged out when the barn was set on fire.

Samaras left behind a wife and four children.