Fokion Negris

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Fokion Negris (Greek Φωκίων Νέγρης) was a Greek geologist, politician and member of the Academy of Athens.

Negris was born in Constantinople in 1846. He studied at the Polytechnic Institute of Paris and, in 1870, moved to Greece.

Between 1875 and 1886, Negris was director of the mines at Lavrio. In 1898, he was first elected to parliament where he served until 1918. He was Minister of Finances (twice), Minister of Transportation (1917) and Minister for the Interior (1916, 1917).

In 1918, he was named honorary professor of Natural Sciences at the University of Athens. In 1926, he became a founding member of the Academy of Athens and, in 1927, was elected its first President.

Negris died in Athens in 1928.

A central street in Kypseli, Athens, was named in his honour.