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Georges Moustaki (born Alexandria, May 3 1934; died May 23, 2013) was a Greek-Egyptian singer and songwriter best known for his romantic song "Le Métèque" from 1969.

Moustaki was born in Alexandria on May 3, 1934. His family was originally from Corfu, Greece but they moved to Egypt, where Georges learned Italian, Arabic and French.

In 1951, Moustaki moved to France where he started his music career.

In 1966, Moustaki went back to his Greek origins. He went to Greece for the first time and visited several regions. He met actress Melina Mercouri and became friends with her. Later she had the "Métèque" and "En Méditerranée" translated and sang them as hymns of the resistance to the dictatorship of the Greek Colonels.

Moustaki had written songs for Edith Piaf ("Milord", etc.), Dalida, Herbert Pagani and others.

He died on May 23, 2013, at age 79 after a long illness.

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