January 2

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  • 1910: By law, Sunday is officially designated as a day off for workers in Greece.
  • 1913: The Turkish garrison at Chios surrenders to the Greek forces.
  • 1930: Greek Minister of Education, Georgios Papandreou, establishes Modern Greek as a compulsory subject in Greek schools.
  • 1958: Greek-American diva Maria Callas leaves the set after the first act of "Norma", causing a stir in the audience which includes the President of Italy.
  • 1969: A Greek, Giorgos Flamouridis, hijacks an Olympic Airways DC-6Β, forcing the pilot to take the aircraft to Cairo.


  • 1929: Under its 1/1929 circular, SEGAS invites all Balkan federations to participate in the organization of the Balkan Track & Field Meeting. Romania, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria will respond positively.