July 10

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  • 1774: Russia and the Ottoman Empire sign the Treaty of Kucuk Kaynarci which allows for freedom of movement for all ships under the Russian flag. Greeks will take advantage of this treaty to build up their fleets with ships flying the Russian flag.
  • 1878: A British force, under Admiral Lord John Hay, arrives in Larnaca. The British rule of Cyprus commences.
  • 1949: Marshall Tito closes the border between Yugoslavia and Greece. This action led to the rapid defeat of the communists during the Greek Civil War.
  • 1965: 40-year old, Ekaterini Dimitrea, is executed for murdering her mother, her brother, her aunt and her 5-year old nephew.
  • 1976: Greek Cypriot Kostas Georgiou, better known as "Colonel Callan", is executed by a firing squad for war crimes during the Angolan civil war.
  • 2007: AKEL pull out of the coalition that has governed Cyprus for the past 4.5 years.