November 24

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  • 1901: The National Theater (Royal Theater at the times) is established on St. Constantine Street in Athens
  • 1908: An unknown disease destroys oak trees in Crete. Inhabitants perform a litany and bring the Holy Belt (Αγία Ζώνη) from Mount Athos (Άγιον Όρος) for that purpose.
  • 1912: The union of Samos to Greece is declared.
  • 1940: The Greek army "liberates" the town of Moschopolis (known in Albanian as Voskopoja and in Aromanian as Moscopole) of northern Epirus (Albania) during the counter-offensive operations against the Italians in WWII
  • 1953: Spiros Markezinis, unofficially the Finance Minister of the Alexandros Papagos government, announces that he will proceed with "cutting off three zeroes from the currency bills." The value of the drachma against the dollar becomes 1 to 30 and not 1 to 30,000 as it had been.
  • 1958: Savvas Rotsides is ambushed and killed. He is the last Cypriot to die in the EOKA struggle against the British.
  • 1985: Twelve Greeks are among 60 persons killed, after a hijacked EgyptAir plane is stormed in Malta by Egyptian troops.
  • 1996: Miss Hellas, Irene Skliva, is crowned Miss World.