Panoutsos Notaras

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Panoutsos Notaras (Greek Πανούτσος Νοταράς) was a Greek freedom fighter and politician.

Notaras was born in Trikala, Corinthia in 1740, to an old family that had distinguished itself in the Byzantine period.

He took part in the Orlov uprising of 1770 and, in 1818, joined the Friendly Society which was planning yet another attempt to liberate Greece from Ottoman yoke. When the Greek War of Independence broke out on March 25, 1821, Notaras took an active part despite early reservations.

He was a member of the First National Assembly of Epidaurus (1822), served as minister for the economy (1822) and took part in the Second National Assembly in 1823. He presided over the Third National Assembly of 1826 and also presided over the Fifth National Council at Nafplion which ratified the selection of Prince Otto of Bavaria as the first King of Greece.

After the uprising of September 3, 1843, when Greeks demanded a constitution from the King, a new National Assembly met to draw up the document. Panoutsos Notaras was elected to preside over the council despite his age of 103. The council sat from November 8, 1843 until March 18, 1844 when the King swore to uphold the new constitution. On that same day, Notaras was awarded the Grand Cross of Honour for his service to his country.

He died on January 22, 1849 close to 109 years old.