First National Assembly

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The First National Assembly was a gathering of Greek representatives during the Greek War of Independence. It met at Piada (present-day Nea Epidaurus), between December 20, 1821 and January 15, 1822, in the Old Style calendar, in use at the time, in Greece.


The First National Assembly adopted a "Declaration of Independence" from the Ottoman Empire, organised how the Greek state would operate and, on January 1, 1822, passed the "Temporary Regime of Greece" which was the first Constitution of the newly-declared independent nation.

The new Constitution was the the brain child of the Italian Vincenzo Gallina, Alexandros Mavrokordatos and Theodoros Negris. It incorporated several articles from local revolutionary bodies and provided for an executive and a legislative branch of government. It also established blue and white as the national colours, assigning to the Executive branch the final details of a national flag.


There was a total of 60 representatives (or delegates).

The delegates who signed the minutes of December 20, 1821 were:

Representing Eastern Mainland Greece

  • Neophytos, Bishop of Talantiou
  • Theodoros Negris
  • Anthimos Gazis
  • Grigorios Konstantas
  • Ioannis Logothetis
  • Lambros Nakos
  • Georgios Aenian
  • Georgios Papailiopoulos
  • Giannoutsos Kontes
  • Sotiris Douros
  • Konstantinos Sepentzis
  • Drosos Mansolas
  • Ioannis Skandalidis
  • Alexandros Axiotis
  • Lambros Alexandrou
  • Ch. Kyriazis
  • Adam Doukas
  • Zacharias Panagiotidis

Representing the islands (Hydra, Spetses, Psara)

Representing Western Mainland Greece

Representing the Peloponnese


Other delegates who did not sign the minutes of December 20, 1821 but signed the Constitution of January 1, 1822 were:

  • Dositheos Litzas, Bishop of Agrafa
  • Dionysios Petrakis
  • Spyridon Patousas
  • Georgios Psyllas
  • Anastasios Lidorikis
  • Georgios Apostolou
  • Charalambos Papageorgiou
  • Kyriakos Tassikas
  • Ioannis Vizoulas
  • Vasilis Boudouris
  • Christodoulos Koutsis
  • Nikolaos Dimitriou Lazaris
  • Captain Manolis Kasiotis
  • Zois Panou
  • Yiannakis Plakotis
  • Andreas Zaimis
  • Ioannis Papadiamantopoulos

Attending as secretaries were the following:

  • Dimitrios Tomaropoulos
  • Georgios Stavridis