January 1

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The 1st of January is established as the first day of the year by Pope Gregory XIII in 1622. Julius Cesar had already tried to impose this date since 45 B.C. but many states, such as England, continued to use the vernal equinox (20-21 or formerly 24-25 March) as the beginning of the solar year


  • 1068: Widowed Byzantine Empress Eudocia marries Romanus who becomes the Emperor best known for losing the Battle of Manzikert.
  • 1822: During the Greek War of Independence, the First National Council meets and decides upon a constitution. The colours of the Greek flag are to be blue and white.
  • 1965: OTE begins offering automated services to subscribers; weather and on duty hospital information
  • 1981: Greece officially becomes the 10th member of the European Union.
  • 1987: Prices of goods increase as a result of Value Added Taxation (VAT) that goes into effect.
  • 1994: Greece assumes the Presidency of the European Union.
  • 2002: The euro replaces the drachma as the currency of Greece.
  • 2008: The euro replaces the pound as the currency of Cyprus.