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Konstantinos Dimitriou Stephanopoulos (Born August 15, 1926 in Patra, Achaea prefecture) was President of Greece until March 12, 2005 .

Stephanopoulos studied law at the University of Athens. He was first elected to parliament in 1964 under the National Radical Union (ERE) banner. After 1974 and the restoration of democracy, Stephanopoulos joined the New Democracy Party of Constantine Karamanlis. When the latter quit the leadership of the party, Stephanopoulos became a candidate to succeed him. After his failure and the election of Constantine Mitsotakis, he left New Democracy and founded the Democratic Renewal Party (DI.ANA.). The party was dissolved following the 1990 election.

He was first elected on March 8, 1995 to the Presidency. His political life was characterised by accuracy and efficiency. His skills in diplomacy helped him become a memorable political figure in Greece. His opinion was always balanced and representative of the Greek nation. The Greek people (through the parliament) rewarded him for his successful first term by re-electing him (in 2000) with a great majority. He was constitutionally prohibited from seeking a third term.

His term ended on March 12, 2005. He was succeeded by Karolos Papoulias.

Stefanopoulos died on November 20, 2016, at the age of 90.

Preceded by:
Constantine Karamanlis
President of Greece
1995 - 2005
Succeeded by:
Karolos Papoulias

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