December 30

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  • 1824: Theodoros Kolokotronis surrenders to the revolutionary government.
  • 1934: The Government announces its decision to proceed with the establishment of a radio station.
  • 1948: The Democratic Army of Greece is repelled at Aridaia.
  • 1963: Banker Ioannis Paraskevopoulos forms a caretaker government as elections are proclaimed for February 1964.
  • 1963: The Green Line, separating the Greek and Turkish sectors of Lefkosia, is agreed upon by the two communities.
  • 1975: The trial for the events at the Athens Polytechnic School student uprising comes to an end with all defendants found guilty as charged
  • 1981: Drastic measures are taken to combat pollution in Athens. These include the alternating ban of motor vehicles from the city centre, based on the last digit of their license plate (odd-even).


Newspapers weren't kind to Aris FC following his defeat by Olympiakos in 1973