February 23

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  • 1822: The head of Ali Pasha - slain on January 17 - reaches Constantinople where Sultan Mahmud II puts it on display in front of his palace.
  • 1923: Chrysostom I is elected Archbishop of Athens and all Greece.
  • 1965: EIR (present-day ERT) broadcasts on Television for the first time.
  • 1967: Child murderer Michalitsa Yiannopoulou goes on trial for the murder of 5-year old Katina Patrinou - the child of her married lover. She is sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • 1969: ex-King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia dies in Greece where he had been living since he was ousted by his brother Faisal.
  • 2006: Theodoros Behrakis is elected interim Mayor of Athens by the city council, following Dora Bakoyianni's resignation due to being appointed as Foreign Minister. Behrakis received 14 of the 25 votes and his opponent Angelos Moschonas received 10, while there was one blank ballot.