June 29

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  • 1850: The Patriarch of Constantinople recognises the independent Church of Greece.
  • 1874: Charilaos Trikoupis publishes his famous article "Who is to blame?" ("Τις πταίει;") in Athens daily "Times" ("Καιροί") concerning the decadence of the government. The public outcry that follows brings down the Dimitrios Voulgaris government.
  • 1917: Greece enters World War I.
  • 1917: Eleftherios Venizelos declares King Constantine's abolition of the 1915 Parliament unconstitutional. He controversially brings back the 1915 Parliament which goes down in history as "The Parliament of the Lazaroi".
  • 2002: A bomb that detonates in the hands of Savvas Xeros starts a chain reaction of arrests of Novermber 17th members.


  • 1982: At the play-off soccer game that takes place in Volos, Olympiacos defeats Panathinaikos with 2-1 and wins the championship. Both teams were ranked first with the same number of points. It was the second title Olympiacos won in this same stadium.
  • 1983: OAKA Stadium suffers severe damages by rioting hooligans during the Greek Cup final AEK- PAOK (2-0). Sports general secretary Kimon Koulouris states that no football game will ever be held again in OAKA Stadium.
  • 1990: Maria Christoforidou wins 3 gold medals at the European Weightlifting Championships in Tenerife.
  • 2014: Greece lose a penalty shootout against Costa Rica and are eliminated from World Cup 2014. The regulation time score was 1-1.