Minister for Health and Social Solidarity (Greece)

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The Minister for Health and Social Solidarity of Greece (Greek Υπουργείο Υγείας και Κοινωνικής Αλληλεγγύης) is the government minister responsible for the running of the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity.

The current minister is Adonis Georgiadis.

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List of Ministers for Health and Social Solidarity

Name Took Office Left Office Party
Alekos Papadopoulos April 13, 2000 March 10, 2004 Panhellenic Socialist Movement
Nikitas Kaklamanis March 10, 2004 February 15 2006 New Democracy
Dimitris Avramopoulos February 15 2006 October 7 2009 New Democracy
Mariliza Xenogiannakopoulou October 7 2009 September 7, 2010 Panhellenic Socialist Movement
Andreas Loverdos September 7, 2010 May 17, 2012 Panhellenic Socialist Movement
Christos Kittas May 17, 2012 June 21, 2012
Andreas Lykourentzos June 21, 2012 June 25, 2013 New Democracy
Adonis Georgiadis June 25, 2013 Incumbent New Democracy

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