August 16

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  • 963: Nicephorus Phocas is proclaimed co-emperor of Byzantium.
  • 1834: Martial law is declared in Greece due to the revolt in Messenia
  • 1943: The village of Kommeno, Arta prefecture, is destroyed by the Germans. 317 of its inhabitants are slain.
  • 1960: Cyprus is officially proclaimed a republic with Archbishop Makarios III as president and Dr Fazil Kucuk as vice-president.
  • 1969: A Greek couple - Dr. Vasilis Tsironis and his wife - hijack an Olympic Airways DC-3, forcing the pilot to land in Vlore, Albania.
  • 1974: Morphou is occupied by Turkish troops, its inhabitants flee.
  • 1974: Andreas Papandreou returns to Greece.
  • 1974: The military base of ELDYK is assaulted and taken by Turkish forces.
  • 2010: PM Benjamin Netanyahu visits Greece - the first ever official state visit by an Israeli PM to Greece.