December 17

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  • 1817: The constitution of the Ionian Islands is put into effect. It allows for a bicameral legislature but all legislation is subject to veto by the British High Comissioner.
  • 1913: The Florence Protocol is signed which drew the border between Greece and Albania. Northern Epirus is awarded to the newly-created Albanian state. The Great Powers (England, France, Italy, Russia, Germany, Austria-Hungary) set language as the only criteria for their decision.
  • 1924: Constantine VI is elected Patriarch of Constantinople.
  • 1940: Dr. Vasilios Vergis, on his own initiative, lands with a band of 14 men on Agathonisi and captures its Italian garrison as prisoners.
  • 1952: A major earthquake (7.0 on the Richter scale) strikes the island of Crete.
  • 1997: A Russian-built Yakovlev 42, belonging to Ukraine's Aerosweet airlines, crashed on Pieria mountains after losing its orientation and contact with ground control. All 70 people on board died. The destination of the airplane was Thessaloniki, Macedonia Airport.
  • 2003: The trial of the Revolutionary Organisation 17 November is completed as sentences are pronounced against the guilty.
  • 2006: Eleni Mavrou is elected as the first woman Mayor of Lefkosia.
  • 2018: A bomb goes off at the offices of Sky TV in Neo Faliro.