Constantine VI of Constantinople

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Patriarch Constantine VI of Constantinople was the spiritual leader of the Eastern Orthodox Church for 43 days.

Constantine VI, whose surname in the world was Arapoglou, was born in the village of Sigi, Proussa (Bursa) in 1860. He studied at the Theological School of Chalki and graduated in 1885. He was then ordained a deacon serving Metropolitan Nathanael of Proussa. In 1896, he was chosen Bishop at Saranta Ekklisies (Kirk Gilise), Eastern Thrace. In 1899, he became Metropolitan of Konitsa, in 1906 of Trapezounta (Trabzon), in 1913 of Cyzicus and in 1922 of Proussa. He was not enthroned in Proussa due to the Asia Minor Disaster. on December 17, 1924 he was elected Patriarch of Constantinople replacing Patriarch Gregory VII.

Constantine VI remained on the Ecumenical throne until January 30, 1925, when he was ordered to leave by the Turkish government. He attempted to return to Constantinople but was refused entry so, on May 22, 1925, he resigned, making it his life's work to assist the Asia Minor refugees throughout Greece.

Constantine VI died on November 28, 1930.