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A.E. Larisa or AEL 1964 is a Greek football club based in Larisa. Its full name is Athlitiki Enosi Larisa (Athletic Union of Larisa, Greek: Αθλητική Ένωση Λάρισα 1964). The club was founded on May 17, 1964.

Since 2003, it has been known as AEL 1964 (a bankruptcy forced this name change.)


The club was founded on May 17, 1964 from a merger four local clubs: Iraklis Larisa, Aris Larisa, Toxotis Larisa and Larisaikos. They quickly rose to the first division. However, after winning the Greek Football Cup in 1986 and the championship in 1988, the club fell into decline and by 2000 had been relegated to the third division, going through bankruptcy.

Larisa have remarkably bounced back, much to their loyal fans delight, achieving promotion to the Greek Superleague in 2005 and winning the Greek Football Cup in 2007.

In the 2011 season, Larisa inaugurated their new stadium “AEL FC Arena” but, in spite of fan support, were relegated to the Football B Division. In 2013 they were even relegated the third tier but managed to promote the next season. In 2016 Larisa returned to the Super League. In 2021 the club was once more forced to step one division down as they ended last on the table. In the mean time the club was playing again in their former (and renovaties) Alcazar Stadium after financial disagreements with the owner of the AEL FC Arena.


League Titles

  • 1988 (Larisa are the only countryside-based team to win the Greek Alpha Ethniki Championship)

Greek Cup



1980s - 1990s

2000 - Present


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