October 31

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Today is Halloween in the English-speaking world. Trick or Treat!


  • 1931: PM Eleftherios Venizelos recalls Consul General Alexis Kyrou from Cyprus. The Greek consul had shown open support to the Cypriots protesting against British rule.
  • 1932: Eleftherios Venizelos' governing political party loses elections.
  • 1940: Greek warships "Psara" and "Spetses" bombard Italian positions in Albania.
  • 1940: British forces land in Crete.
  • 1948: The last entry in Greek armored cruiser Georgios Averof's log reads: «Συνήθης εν όρμω υπηρεσία. Κινήσεις συμφώνως τω πίνακι. Εκτακτον ουδέν»
  • 1967: Rauf Denktash is arrested after having entered Cyprus illegally.
  • 1972: Dowry offered for officer weddings is no longer endorsed