Spyros Theotokis

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Spyros Theotokis was a Greek politician of the later part of the 20th century.

Theotokis was born in 1908, the son of future PM Ioannis Theotokis and grandson of 4-times PM and Corfu mayor Georgios Theotokis.

Theotokis entered politics as a royalist and a conservative. In 1952, he was appointed Minister of Religion and Education by Alexandros Papagos but turned down the appointment. In 1955, he was appointed Foreign Minister by Constantine Karamanlis and served for one year, resigning on May 28, 1956, over his handling of the EOKA struggle in Cyprus.

Theotokis continued to be a factor in conservative National Radical Union (ERE) circles and was appointed Minister of Finance in 1961, serving until 1963.

Theotokis was re-elected to Parliament after the resoration of democracy in 1974, under the banner of New Democracy, but resigned his seat after the Greek monarchy was abolished in a referendum.

In 1977, he founded the far-right National Alignment with Stephanos Stephanopoulos, a former Prime Minister. The party contested only one election - in 1977 - electing just five MPs.

In 1981, Theotokis returned to the fold of New Democracy and was elected to Parliament on the nation-wide list.

He died on September 6, 1988.