Mimis Domazos

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Mimis Domazos
The two golden Mimis of Greek football. Mimis Papaioannou and Mimis Domazos.
Captain of the Greek National Football Team in 1970
1971 European Champions Cup Final
1971 European Champions Cup Final

One of the greatest Greek football midfielders ever, Mimis Domazos (Greek: Μίμης Δομάζος) was born on 22 January, 1942 in Ambelokipoi, Athens.

Domazos started his career at local club Amyna Ambelokipon. He had turned down an offer from Olympiakos preferring to play for the team in his neighborhood. He transferred in the summer of 1959, from Amyna to Panathinaikos, the transfer costing Panathinaikos a mere 9,000 drachmas!

The General made his debut with Panathinaikos at age 17, and became the indisputable leader of Panathinaikos for almost two decades (10 Greek League titles, 3 Greek Cups) with only a brief interlude, (1978 - 1979), when he had a stint with AEK.

The culmination of his career was the 1971 European Champions' Cup final against Ajax Amsterdam (0-2) at Wembley; it was the first time a Greek football reached a European final.

Over all, Domazos appeared in 536 league matches (502 for Panathinaikos, 34 for AEK) which still stands as an all-time record. In those games he scored 139 goals.

Domazos appeared 50 times for the Greek National Football Team (4 goals). At one point he was its captain.

Domazos also served as the first PSAP President - until December 10, 1978.

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