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September 20



  • 325 BC: Alexander's fleet, consisting of 150 ships under the command of Admiral Nearchus from Crete, set sail from the port of Matala, in the mouth of the Indus river, to return to Persia. It reached Harmozeia (present day Hormuz Straits) at the end of December, after encountering heavy seas and experiencing many adversities.
  • 1878: Gregorios Maraslis is elected mayor of Odessa, Russia.
  • 1897: A Peace treaty is signed ending the Greco-Turkish War (1897)
  • 1923: Patriarch Meletius IV resigns the Ecumenical throne amid growing political pressure.
  • 1942: Resistance members belonging to PEAN blow up the offices of the "National Socialist Patriotic Organisation" killing 43 Germans and 23 Greek collaborators.
  • 1951: NATO accepts Greece and Turkey as new members.
  • 1961: Konstantinos Dovas forms a caretaker government which will conduct one of the most disputed elections in the history of Greece.
  • 2015: Alexis Tsipras' SYRIZA party wins the second parliamentary elections of the year with 35.47% of the vote, gaining 145 seats in the Hellenic Parliament.