February 25

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  • 1822: The Revolutionary government of Greece outlaws slavery.
  • 1826: Turkish forces occupy the small island of Vasiladi, outside Mesolonghi, making the situation of the besieged Greeks more difficult.
  • 1833: A regular Greek Army is established by royal decree.
  • 1919: Dodecanese Greeks demonstrate in Athens demanding "Enosis" (union) of the islands with Greece.
  • 1935: A major earthquake (7.0 on the Richter scale) strikes Crete.
  • 1968: Archbishop Makarios III is re-elected President of Cyprus obtaining 220,911 votes (96.29%) out of 229,488 valid votes cast. Dr Takis Evdokas received a mere 8,577 votes (3.71%).
  • 1973: Nikos Koemtzis kills three persons and injures another six over a song he requested at a night club. Among the dead is a nephew of former Olympiakos footballer Thanasis Soulis.
  • 2007: Greek-Australian film producer George Miller wins an Oscar for best animated feature with his penguin-dancing film Happy Feet.


  • 2007: Olympic judo champion Ilias Iliadis wins gold medal at Super World Cup in Hamburg in 90-kilo division
  • 2009: Kostas Douvalidis breaks the Greek indoor record for the 60m hurdles with a time of 7.68.
  • 2010: Panathinaikos advance in the Europa Cup after a 3-2 triumph over AS Roma in Stadio Olimpico. The first game in Athens had also ended in a 3-2 victory.
  • 2014: Kostas Douvalidis breaks the Greek record for the 60m hurdles with 7.60.