February 9

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  • 474: Zeno I ascends to the Byzantine throne.
  • 1919: Workers in Thessaloniki protest shortages in food.
  • 1934: The Balkan Entente is established by Greece, Turkey, Romania and Yugoslavia.
  • 1948: A major earthquake (7.1 on the Richter scale) strikes the island of Karpathos.
  • 1950: Martial law, imposed as a result of the Greek Civil War, is lifted throughout Greece.
  • 1954: The statue of Theodoros Kolokotronis on his horse, is placed in front of old Parliament building.
  • 1976: The European Common Market accepts the application of Greece for full membership.
  • 1995: Four members of the Northern Epirus "Omonia Party" are released from prison by the Albanian authorities.
  • 2007: The body of Yiannis Vartholomeos, head of the Social Insurance Institute (IKA), was found in the stairwell of an apartment block in the central Zografou area.