Kostas Karapatis

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Kostas Karapatis was a Greek football goalkeeper for Iraklis and Olympiakos during the 1950s.

Known for his temper, Karapatis was born January 9, 1928. He was a player of Iraklis Thessaloniki until 1951 when he was acquired by Olympiakos. Karapatis soon displaced Stelios Kourouklatos and played for the Piraeus club until 1957 when he returned to Iraklis, after being replaced in the regular lineup by no less a keeper than Savvas Theodoridis.

Karapatis was capped once by the Greek National Football Team.

After his playing days were over, Karapatis coached several clubs among them: Panachaiki, Proodeftiki, Kavala FC, Pierikos and Iraklis.

Karapatis died on April 25, 2022.