March 9

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  • 1822: Greek revolutionaries, under Theodoros Kolokotronis, defeat the Turkish army at Saravali, Achaea
  • 1941: The Italian Spring offensive against the Greek forces commences.
  • 1956: Archbishop Makarios III is seized at Nicosia Airport by the British colonial authorities in Cyprus and exiled to the Seychelle Islands in the Indian Ocean.
  • 1959: EOKA suspend their activity in response to the London-Zurich accords.
  • 1971: Two Greek rivers, the Evros and the Pineios flood causing damages to the produce in their respective areas.
  • 2012: Greece achieves the biggest national debt writedown in history (€105 billion) as the vast majority of its private creditors sign up to a bond swap.


  • 1926: Panaitolikos is founded.
  • 1941: Panathinaikos defeat a team of British aviators 6-2.
  • 1971: En route to the 1971 European Cup Final, Panathinaikos draw away to Everton 1-1 in the quarterfinals. The scorer of PAO's goal is number 9 (Antonis Antoniadis) who scored his 9th goal in Europe, on the 9th of the month, 9 minutes before time, exactly at 9:00PM!
  • 2011: Panachaiki president, Alexis Kougias, produces tapes which he claims are evidence of attempted bribery of referees in domestic and European matches of Greeks clubs.