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Today is Tuesday, March 9, 2021; it is now 17:48 (UTC)

This set of pages serve as a queue of selected anniversaries in history taken from each day of the year's events and holidays/ observances section and from current Greek Orthodox, and other lunar-based calendars. The selected anniversaries queue is used to help facilitate and coordinate updates to the "Selected anniversaries" section on the Main Page. Be bold while improving this queue but please make sure you follow the guidelines. Also please note, although anniversary listings on individual date articles are written in the present tense, please write each "selected anniversary listing" in the past tense. The tense change is due to the fact that the Main Page has current events and past ones on the same page.

Current selection:

March 9

  • 1941: The Italian Spring offensive against the Greek forces began.
  • 1956: Archbishop Makarios III was seized at Nicosia Airport by the British colonial authorities in Cyprus and exiled to the Seychelle Islands in the Indian Ocean.
  • 1959: EOKA suspended their activity in response to the London-Zurich accords.
  • 1971: Two Greek rivers, the Evros and the Pineios flooded causing damages to the produce in their respective areas.
  • Births: Dimitris Horn, stage actor (1921)
  • Deaths: Panagiotis Danglis, general and politician (1924).

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