September 14

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  • 1814: The "Friendly Society" (Filiki Eteria) is founded in Odessa.
  • 1909: Workers in Athens demonstrate in favour of the Military Association.
  • 1943: Germans destroy 11 villages in Heraklio prefecture. 352 villagers are killed.
  • 1943: Greek guerrilas, belonging to the EKKA resistance movement, attack and defeat a group of German soldiers at Skaloula. Five Germans are killed and nearly 20 are wounded.
  • 1944 German forces execute 114 residents of Giannitsa.
  • 1980: The Greek Ministry of Education announces the abolition of entrance exams from Primary into Secondary schools.
  • 1999: Deputy Foreign Minister Yiannis Kranidiotis and his entourage are killed in an air accident in Romania.


  • 1998: ESAKE approve the plan of Aris BC to retire Nikos Galis' number 6 jersey. Aris are allowed the use of number 16 for the missing number 6.