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The Cyprus Football Association Shield or the Cyprus Super Cup (in Greek Ασπίδα ΚΟΠ) is a Cypriot association football trophy, contested in an annual match between the Cyprus Champion (Cypriot First Division) and the winners of the Cyprus Cup. If a team wins The Double (both the Championship and the Cup), then the Double winner plays the Cyprus Cup finalist. The match is contested at the beginning of the football season, and has most of the times been played in Nicosia; also for the past few seasons, after the construction of the New GSP Stadium in Nicosia, it has been played every year in that stadium. If the match is tied, then the extra time follows, and if the extra time finishes without winner, then the penalties shoutout follows.

The Shield was first played for in 1950, with the name Pakkos Shield (Ασπίδα Πάκκου), and was played until 1967. Until then, now trophy was awarded, but according to the rule, the team that would have won the trophy most of the times, that it would have been awarded the trophy to that team. The first Shield was finally awarded to Çetin Kaya Nicosia, which was 3 times winner. At that time if the winner was both Champion and Cup, then it was automatically awarded as FA Shield winner.

For ten years the competition stopped and began again in 1979 with the name Stylianakis Shield, to honor a former president of Cyprus Football Association. It lasted for 10 years as the Stylianakis Shield and was awarded to 7 times winners Omonia Nicosia in 1988.

The competition was renamed the Cyprus Football Association Shield in 1989. From 2008 to 2013, the competition was held under the name LTV Super Cup, taking the name of the competition's sponsor LTV. After LTV's withdrawal as the competition's sponsor in 2014, the competition is simply called the Super Cup.

The most successful team in the competition are Omonia Nicosia, winners on fourteen occasions (including Pakkos and Stylianakis Shield wins).


Pakkos Shield

Stylianakis Shield

Cyprus FA Shield

LTV Super Cup

Super Cup

¹ Anorthosis Famagusta was double winner, so automatically became Super Cup winner

Super Cup Trophies

With bold numbers the trophies won and with non-bold the losing finals.

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