May 6

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  • 1913: Alexander Schinas (assassin of King George I) kills himself by jumping out of a Police Station window.
  • 1916: The National Bank of Greece announces that it will also grant loans to women.
  • 1950: A village is started in Hungary to house the Greek communists that arrived in the country after their defeat in the Greek Civil War. The village will come to be known as Beloiannisz, after Nikos Beloyiannis.
  • 1955: A British colonial court in Cyprus convicts 11 Greeks of transporting weaponry and ammunition on board the sailboat "Agios Georgios".
  • 2012: Parliamentary elections are held throughout Greece, resulting in a very strong protest vote against the austerity measures of the ruling coalition: New Democracy finish first, but with less than 19% of the vote, while PASOK end up in third place with 13%.