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C' DivisionCISMCabinet of Cyprus
Cabinet of GreeceCadmeia
CallimachiCallimachus (polemarch)Calliope
Calliope OuzouniCalypso
Cape GrecoCape Malea
Cape Tainaro
Carlos ChainhoCarlos Gamarra
Castinus of Byzantium
Catepanate of Italy
Catherine CornaroCatholic Church in Greece
CecropsCedric Kante
Census 1991Census 2011
Center Union - New ForcesCentral GreeceCentral Jail of Lefkosia
Centre Union
Centre Union of Cyprus
Ceryneian HindCetinkaya FC
ChaidariChaidari FCChalandra (Chios)
Chaliki (Acarnania)ChaliotataChalkanoras FC
ChalkiadesChalkidaChalkida FC
ChalkidikiChalkidona (Thessaloniki)
Chalkidona FCChalkio (Chios)Chalkio (Corinthia)
ChalkiopouliChamber of Accounts
ChaniaChania FCChania International Airport
Chania prefectureCharadiatika
Charalambos FylaktosCharalambos GarganourakisCharalambos Katsimitros
Charalambos LeontaridisCharalambos MavriasCharalambos Mouskos
Charalambos PapadopoulosCharalambos Perperidis
Charalambos PezonisCharalambos Taouxis
Charavgi (Messinia)ChariessaCharilaos Florakis
Charilaos MichailCharilaos TrikoupisCharilaos Vasilakos
Charis Papadias
Charis ThrasouCharitesCharkia
Charles FabvierCharonCharybdis
Chatzi (Messinia)Chavdata
ChiliomodiChiliomodi (Patmos)
Chilon of SpartaChimara
Chios cityChiron
ChlorakasChochlakies (Heraklio)Choika
Chorio (Kalymnos)ChoristiChortata
ChoumnikoChris KalantzisChristakis
Christian KarembeuChristianiChristina Onassis
ChristodoulosChristodoulos PasiardisChristoforos Choidis
Christoforos PerraivosChristoforos Rangos
Christos AgrapidisChristos ApostolidisChristos Archontidis
Christos ArdizoglouChristos CharidimosChristos Dimitropoulos
Christos DimopoulosChristos DrakotasChristos Folias
Christos FotomarasChristos HadjiioannidisChristos Hadjiskoulidis
Christos KarkamanisChristos KoutsospyrosChristos Ladas
Christos MantikasChristos MeletoglouChristos Melissis
Christos MichailChristos MichasChristos Nanakos
Christos NikolaouChristos Pallakis
Christos PapanikolaouChristos PolychroniouChristos Rimbas
Christos SamarasChristos SartzetakisChristos Stamatakis
Christos TegopoulosChristos Terzanidis
Christos TsaganeasChristos TsirosChristos Tsoutsouvis
Christos Xanthopoulos-PalamasChristos YfantidisChristos Zanteroglou
Christos ZoupasChronis Aidonidis
Chrysanthos TsoukalasChrysanthusChrysanthus I of Constantinople
Chrysavgi (Trikala)ChryseisChryses
Chrysi AvyiChrysis Michael
Chrysochori (Kavala)Chrysokastro
ChrysokefalosChrysomiliaChrysopigi Devetzi
Chrysostom IChrysostomos
Chrysostomos II of CyprusChrysostomos I of Cyprus
Chrysostomos MichailidisChrysoupolis
Chrysovitsa (Aitolia)Chrysovoulo
Church of God of ProphecyChurch of St George, Istanbul
Cinema of GreeceCirce
City of Poros (ship)
Claw of Archimedes
ClazomenaiClearchusClearchus of Sparta
Cleber FerreiraCleisthenes
Clement of ConstantinopleCleobulus of Lindos
Cleombrotus ICleomenes I
Cleopatra III of Egypt
Cleopatra II of EgyptCleopatra IV of EgyptCleopatra I of Egypt
Cleopatra VII of EgyptClio
Clitus the BlackClytemnestra
CnidusCoalition of the Left, of Movements and Ecology
Coalition of the Radical LeftCoat of ArmsCodrus
ColophonColossus of Rhodes
Communist Organization of GreeceCommunist Party of CyprusCommunist Party of Greece
Communist Party of Greece of the Interior
Communist Youth of Greece
Communities of AitoloakarnaniaCommunities of ArcadiaCommunities of Argolis
Communities of Arta
Communities of Evritania
Communities of PhocisCommunities of Pieria
Communities of RhodopeCommunities of Thesprotia
Communities of the Evros prefectureCommunities of the Kavala prefecture
Companion cavalryCondottiero
CononConseil d' Etat (Greece)